A team of experienced technocrats – extensively seasoned campaigners for past two decades in India. Worked with almost every premier educational / research institutes all around Indian Geographical region.


  • Team has in-depth sales/ marketing / service/ customer support knowledge focused purely on electrochemical instrumentation
  • Worked for with all major applications of Electrochemistry i.e. Corrosion, Lithium Battery, Fuelcell, Solar cell, Redox Flow Battery, Sensors, Materials research etc…
  • Highly experienced in providing comprehensive / custom made solutions to users with integration of 3rd party instrumentation controls.
  • A grand 50 Man years of Electrochemistry experience have been pumped into RSI team
  • Worked / handled almost every major electrochemistry instrumentation manufacturer: Electrochemical Systems:
  • Princeton Applied Research, Solartron, Biologic, Autolab, Arbin, CHI,
  • Fuelcon – Fuelcell research instrumentation
  • Cormet – Sophisticated high pressure/ temp corrosion systems


  • Bored of dealing with traders…please talk to us, to feel our technical expertise
  • If you need comprehensive solution – not just an instrument.
  • Fuelcon – Fuelcell research instrumentation
  • If requirement is to adopt new age 3rd party instrumentation to meet your dream solution
  • One-point solution for all your research needs.
  • We Provides basic instruments
  • Materials required for research
  • Solutions for various atmospheric conditions
  • Data acquisition solutions to monitor/ control pressure / pH/ Temp
  • Specialised electrodes/ Sample holders/ Cell systems – customised to meet the required.