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C-Flow 3D C-Flow 3D

C-Flow 3D

A number of established techniques are available for the treatment of waste streams containing heavy and precious metals, including; precipitation, ion exchange, solvent extraction, adsorption, and cementation. All of these methods have the disadvantage of producing a secondary effluent consisting of a more concentrated metal-bearing solution or a mixed solid that requires further treatment.

C-Flow PRD C-Flow PRD

C-Flow PRD

C-Flow PRD takes its form from the C-Flow PLT (pilot) system, and like its smaller brother, the ‘PRD’ (Production) system uses high through- put electrochemical cells that are superior in performance and flexibility to those available as bipolar stacks.

C-Flow PLT C-Flow PLT

C-Flow PLT

C-Flow PLT is a new design of electrochemical cell and plant, offering much higher capacities – four times the flow rates – than possible with current stack designs. A modular pilot plant offers a step change in flexibility and reduced development costs for use by academic and industrial R&D users

C-Flow LAB 5×5 C-Flow LAB 5×5

C-Flow LAB 5×5

The C-Flow LAB 5×5 cell is perfect for general purpose laboratory work. It can be rapidly assembled and dismantled and no tools are required. A special stand is provided to make assembly very easy. It can be used as a divided cell with a membrane or as an undivided cell. Variants include an air electrode, dished electrodes (for enhanced electrolyte flow rates) and transparent cells for teaching or research purposes. Gaskets and membranes can be supplied or a template is available if the user wants to cut their own.

RFB 1 X 1 CM RFB 1 X 1 CM

RFB 1 X 1 CM

C-Flow LAB 1×1 is a hand-assembly laboratory electrochemical cell with a 10 mm x 10 mm electrode area. It has been designed for experimental work with a working volume of 1 ml of electrolyte from inlet to outlet, ideal for working with exotic or expensive solutions.

The C-Flow LAB 1×1 benefits from our many years’ experience of designing and supplying cells to industrial, research and educational clients throughout the world.

Redox Flow Battries Redox Flow Battries

Redox Flow Battries

Redox flow batteries (RFB)