Low Current Probe

OrigaMu - Low Current Probe

High technology probe:

Perfectly isolated
Range: 1pA, 10pA, 100pA, 1nA and 10nA
Resolution: 30aA

OrigaMu is an Ultra-low current probe resulting know-how and experience of the OrigaLys team in the design of efficient electrochemical systems. Only a perfect knowledge of the most advanced analogue technology reaches this level of excellence: 1pA full scale range with a 30aA resolution.

3 electrode amperometric system: Reference, Work and Auxiliary. OrigaMµ applies a known potential and measures the current through the electrodes. It's isolated from external electrical disturbances by full metal housing. During measurement, it's only supplied on battery. The sensitivity of the OrigaMµ was specially and exclusively designed to detect very low currents.

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